New elizabeth Veldon release: ‘oh no europa’

Out today (3rd Feb 2014) is a new album by elizabeth Veldon, ‘oh no europa‘.
Three fairly lengthy tracks of micro-detailed harsh noise from elizabeth Veldon addressing her feelings about Europe and fascist musicians’ fetishisation of it.

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Noise In Opposition Volume 2 – OUT NOW!

Noise In Opposition Volume 2 is now available as a free download and cheap physical artefact. Extremely proud to be presenting the work of many talented and righteous artists. Please spread the word far and wide: we will not be threatened or silenced. Reclaim The Noise!

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Noise In Opposition Volume 2

Noise In Opposition Volume 2 is complete and ready for release on Monday 2nd December. Sixteen tracks by a broad collective of electronic and avant-garde artists united in their rejection of far-right ideas. As with the original compilation, it will be available as both completely free download and cheap as possible data DVD-R direct from us.
In case you were wondering, these are the artists involved: elizabeth Veldon, The Ephemeral Man, Zreen Toyz, Quartersized, Totstellen, dsic, stapperton, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Hali, April Larson, Lost Trail, Hoofus, Laica, Gusset, Djinnestan and GRMMSK.


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elizabeth Veldon – stepping on broken swastikas

The second audio release from the Noise In Opposition project is an exclusive new EP from prolific electronic sound artist elizabeth Veldon. Inspired by WWII-era anti-fascist propaganda posters, “stepping on broken swastikas” is three tracks of abstract noisy electronics and is available for free download from

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NiO Volume 2

Our first Noise In Opposition compilation provoked a fantastic supportive reaction and many artists have approached us to get involved with the project, so we are proud to announce the start of Noise In Opposition Volume 2. The deadline for submissions is November 1st.

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Noise In Opposition Compilation

The first action from Noise In Opposition is a compilation of 24 artists from across the globe opposed to fascism, misogyny and prejudice. NiO Volume 1 totals nearly 3 hours of music across 31 tracks by people including Hacker Farm, Libbe Matz Gang, Elizabeth Veldon and The Implicit Order.

The Noise In Opposition project was originally inspired by Elizabeth Veldon’s statement that she would never make harsh noise again after receiving threats against her, and those close to her, for the crime of being a feminist in a male-dominated genre. This was the catalyst, but the problem is one that has been poisoning the noise and extreme electronics scenes for a long, long time: the tolerance of misogyny, fascism and prejudice – either as a genuine belief or a cheap, lazy aesthetic. It’s time for the opposition to make our voices heard. It was gratifyingly easy to get people involved – almost everyone asked was genuinely enthused by the idea and suggested other people who would be interested. Sounds veer wildly across all sorts of experimental electronic styles, with angry noise junk crunching into austerely minimal drones and being drowned out by cracked beats.

In order to spread the word as far as possible, Noise In Opposition Volume 1 is available as a free download or low-price data DVD+R with an A4 insert.

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