NiO v3 update

Time for an update on progress for all you good people: NiO v3 now stands at 52 tracks, lasting 4 hours and 12 minutes, tracks ranging in length from 10 minutes to 28 seconds.

Next steps : tracking and mastering the audio, taking delivery of artwork from the multi-talented Mr Lund, collating art & text for the companion artzine, burning DVDs/printing inserts, releasing the beast.


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Luke Lund – Red Flag :OUT NOW:

September 21st – UN International Day of Peace – is the date for the first Noise In Opposition release since 2014. Newly energised and with many new recruits and allies, NiO is back in operation.

Here it is: “Red Flag” by Luke Lund. A statement release for a new chapter of noise protest.

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Luke Lund – Red Flag EP

Luke Lund – Red Flag EP
Released 21st September 2018

Noise in Opposition returns to the front lines with a rage-fuelled monolith of heavy roiling drone and drang from long-time comrade Luke Lund of Terranean Recordings.
Recorded in a “spiteful mindset” but with a more complex mood than that implies, with echoing rhythmic stabs looping through dense electronic murk and walls of guitar sometimes as reminiscent of Sonic Youth as of Skullflower. A powerful piece from Luke and a flag planted firmly in the ground marking a new beginning for Noise In Opposition’s anti-fascist, anti-bigotry audio project.

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NiOv3 -update

Well response has been fantastic to the call for submissions, thank you to everyone who has come forward so far!

Updated FAQs:
1) the deadline for submissions is now 1st October
2) the compilation will be a free download from Bandcamp &
3) There will be a physical release whose form is yet to be determined (but will have budget/time constraints, so don’t expect a box-set of shaped picture discs) – possibly multiple CD-Rs. This will be as cheap as possible and any profit (lol) will be directed to an appropriately anti-fascist charity.

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Against my better judgement (alright, I wanted to do it really) I am opening submissions for a third volume of Noise In Opposition, as quite frankly the world is going to shit and we need as many people to stand up and say “Fuck The Nazis” as possible.

Submission guide:
Thematically appropriate material is cool, but I’m not here to tell other artists what to do. The general style is noise/abstract/weirdo musics, but I’m open to offers.
If you must record a 6 hour epic drone cycle we could talk about a separate release maybe? NiO can function as an umbrella netlabel too.

Technical: uncompressed files please, sensibly eq’ed but some half-arsed mastering will be done on the whole album (if you have an artistic vision that impacts this, tell me about it). File download links can be sent through the usual social media channels or emailed to kanakala at planetmail dot net.

Now go for it, siblings & comrades.

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New elizabeth Veldon release: ‘oh no europa’

Out today (3rd Feb 2014) is a new album by elizabeth Veldon, ‘oh no europa‘.
Three fairly lengthy tracks of micro-detailed harsh noise from elizabeth Veldon addressing her feelings about Europe and fascist musicians’ fetishisation of it.

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Noise In Opposition Volume 2 – OUT NOW!

Noise In Opposition Volume 2 is now available as a free download and cheap physical artefact. Extremely proud to be presenting the work of many talented and righteous artists. Please spread the word far and wide: we will not be threatened or silenced. Reclaim The Noise!

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