NOISE IN OPPOSITION is intended as a firm “fuck off” to the moribund far-right idiots who’ve mistaken the international noise scene for some sandpit where they can freely abuse and intimidate others based on their race, gender or sexuality.

The artists on this compilation will have varying, possibly conflicting views on free speech but most people in our small DIY scene have tolerated this embarrassing fascist garbage for long enough. Bedsit nazi virgins and assorted keyboard warriors love playing the victim card whenever this is brought up, forgetting that freedom of speech includes the ability to criticise and act in opposition to such ‘transgressive’ practices as telling female performers to ‘get raped’, or dedicating songs onstage to the kind of freaks who’d happily plant nailbombs in working-class, mixed-race areas.

The neo-folk scene may have succumbed to this shithawkery, but we don’t have to. NOISE IN OPPOSITION is just one response; if you don’t want your scene to become a circle jerk for bigots, simple: don’t tolerate it.