Compilation Vol 2

NiOv2 includes sixteen tracks by a broad collective of electronic and avant-garde artists united in their rejection of far-right ideas. As with the original compilation, it is available as a completely free download.


Streaming and download is available via Bandcamp and

Full tracklist:

elizabeth veldon – fuck you mister
the ephemeral man – monarch
zreen toyz – stochastic machine
quartersized – concrete #1
totstellen – non-static-fragmentation (remastered rmx)
dsic – thought entombed
stapperton – mouldy not stale
sean derrick cooper marquardt – gezi park (public displays of affection)
hali – it never stops
lost trail – charred tree in a field
hoofus – bright morning blanked our eyes
april larson – floodwaters
laica – the words get stuck in your throat
gusset – everything dies
djinnestan – raminagobris
GRMMSK – crazy [boneheads]